Complete Champagne Grooming Table Package

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The Complete Champagne Grooming Table Package includes one 36" standard grooming table, one heavy-duty double square clamp, one fold-back 48" grooming arm, and one Resco grooming loop. Everything you need for the perfect home or show grooming setup! All Champagne pieces are proudly and individually hand-crafted in the USA.

And for a limited time only, we are offering this incredible package for only $249.00. That's a savings of $45.95 off of the original price.

Champagne Standard Grooming Tables feature quality craftsmanship that will pass the test of time! Heavy-duty and waterproof, the standard table features a non-slip rubber mat with rust-proof vinyl edging, and sturdy legs that provide a stable work surface. The legs fold easily for carrying and storage.

  • Each table is a comfortable 30" high
  • Heavy duty 7-ply 3/4" plywood with "outside" glue to withstand the elements
  • 1" Chrome-plated tubular steel
  • Rubber feet protect floors
  • 24"W x 36"L x 30"H
  • Weighs 28lbs

The Champagne Heavy-Duty, Double Square Clamp offers extra stability.

  • Chrome plated for cleanliness and longevity
  • Weighs 3 lbs
  • Accommodates tables of thickness up to 1½ inches

The Champagne Fold-Back Grooming Arm is easy to use and great for shows! Durable yet compact, and great for the groomer on the move!

  • 48" length is perfect for dogs of all heights
  • Made from 3/4" square 16 gauge steel tubing for added strength
  • Both arms feature a welded D-ring for adding a restraint loop
  • Chrome plated for cleanliness and durability
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