Expert Advice

What's the Dish on Dryers?

What's the Dish on Dryers?

Posted by Daryl Conner on Feb 22nd 2021

When it comes to choosing a tool to get your pet from dripping to dazzling, there are choices to be made. It all depends on what type(s) of coats you w … read more
Ear Care: Why You Should Give a Pluck!

Ear Care: Why You Should Give a Pluck!

Posted by Daryl Conner on Feb 10th 2021

Just as every dog is unique, so are its ears. Some dogs go their entire lives without ever having their ears cleaned or showing any sign of irritation or infection. Other dogs seem to suffer from yeas … read more

Brush Up on Dental Care

Posted by Daryl Conner on Feb 4th 2021

Did you know that by the time most dogs are 3 years old they are already showing signs of periodontal disease? Dental problems in our dogs goes beyond the annoyance of “dragon breath,” bacteria from o … read more

How to Engage with Your Dog During Quarantine

Posted by Gretchen Vanderford on May 4th 2020

We are not able to go to our beloved dog shows or handling classes, so what can you do to fill the gaps? Some thoughts:Train you and your dog to what the future of shows might look like… masks, … read more

Maintaining Nails

Posted by Lisa Correia, Certified Master Groomer on Apr 24th 2020

Keeping your dog’s nails short is an integral part of maintaining your dog for show. Long nails exert pressure on your dog’s nail bed and disturb the natural alignment of the foot. Feet then become … read more
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